Friday, 9 March 2012

I want you so desperately

Assalamualaikum :)

so hye world and hye monster ! i miss u so much :) Alhamdulillah, finally I'm home ! dah hampir 2 bulan tau saya tak balik rumah. rasa macam apa dah duduk sana haih -,- dan sekarang saya agak kepenatan sebab kira2 pukul 8 tadi baru sampai rumah.

Actually, dah sampai kota pukul 12 lebih tadi, with Ainna, Dhani, and Intan. Angah fetch me :) then we went to McD and have our lunch because we're starving hahaha. around 2, Intan's brother arrived and they went home happily hahaha. After performed our solat, Mama asked Dhani and Ainna follow us to JB. so they can say good bye to the bus LOL.

Angah sent them to Larkin. hmm gonna miss them for a week :( also my gang. bye bye. then we went to Angsana. around 8 pm, we arrived home. and I hugged my gadgets. hehe. thank god ! miss my home. seriously. wanna have some rest. kbye.

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